Etihad Airways

We are the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, based in Abu Dhabi. Our Cabin Crew are anaward winning team of over 4000 service professionals, based in Abu Dhabi, the cosmopolitan andcultural capital of the United Arab Emirates. Our team is truly multi-cultural and is made up of nationalsfrom over 110 countries. They are our ambassadors, and the ambassadors of our home Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates representing us whilst flying all over the world to destinations in Europe, NorthAmerica, Africa, Asia and Australia caring for our guests with traditional Arabic warmth and respect in afleet of state of the art luxurious new aircraft.
Our Cabin Crew team is made up of Cabin Crew, Food and Beverage Managers, Inflight Chefs, CabinSeniors and Cabin Managers.
Depending on your experience, you could join us as a Cabin Crew member, a Food and BeverageManager or an Inflight Chef.

As a fast growing dynamic company we are always looking for the right people to join us and becomepart of our team. If all of the above sounds exciting, why not apply, you have nothing to lose other thanmissing out of a great career and lifestyle.
Our recruitment events consist of open and closed assessments, which vary depending on our needs andthe location of the assessment day.An open assessment is open to anyone who meets our criteria, an invitation to attend is not necessary.The locations, dates and details of the assessment are updated on our website and will also beadvertised in local media.A closed assessment is for people who have applied online and that we have invited to attend.To secure an interview, you should apply online so that we can contact you when we will be interviewingin your home town or close to your home town.

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